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Ecce Vineyards - Wisconsin Vineyard & Nursery
Vineyard & Nursery Offering Bare Rootstock Grapevines - Winter Hardy Northern Variety Grapes
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Ecce Vineyards & Nursery - Offering Bare Rootstock Grapevines
& Wine Grapes of Winter Hardy Northern Varieties

Grapevines & Wine Grapes from Ecce Vineyards & Nursery

*** Ecce no longer sells grapevines or grape produce.

We know that this website gets a lot of visitors seeking information on winter hardy grapevines and we intend to continue to provide this site for that purpose.

Ecce Vines website will continue to provide information about northern variety grapes, and bare rootstock grapevines to interested visitors.

We have sections on red wine grape vines, white wine grape vines and table grape vines of northern variety grapes.

Most of the varieties we provide information on are highly available selections of Elmer Swenson, or of the University of Minnesota, specifically bred to provide quality fruit despite the shorter growing season and severe winter temperatures found in northern climates. Varieties such as Marquette grapes, Frontenac grapes, Frontenac Gris grapes, La Cresent grapes and Marechal Foch grapes

We hope you will continue to find this site useful as you seek information about growing winter hardy grapevines.