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Red Wine Grapes

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Marechal Foch - Red Wine Grapes

Marechal Foch Grapes

A red wine variety capable of producing some excellent red wines. This variety ripens much earlier than Frontenac (early to mid September) but does require some winter protection in this region. Some wineries find that hot pressing or carbonic maceration assist in creating the best wines with this variety. Has a semi-trailing growth pattern, good disease resistance and is hardy to -25F.

  • Primary Use: Wine
  • Hardiness: Zone 5
  • Color: Blue
  • Harvest Season: Early
  • Suggested Training Method: TWC/MWC

  • Disease Susceptibility:
    • Black Rot - Moderate
    • Powdery Mildew - Slight
    • Downy Mildew - Moderate
    • Bortrytis - Slight
    • Sulfer Sensitive - Yes

      Available in 2009Available in 2009
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