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Table Grapevines - Nursery Selections

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Table Grapevines

Bluebell - Table Grape Vines

A hardy selection this grape is a good seeded table grape but is also good for juices and jam.
Available in 2009

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King of the North - Table Grape Vines
King of the North
Hardy to -37F Ripens mid-September. Heavy bearer makes a delicious juice. Good for eating, juices, jams and some use it for making concord style wines. Good disease resistence.
Available in 2009

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Somerset - Table Grape Vines

Swenson variety seedless table grape. Hardy to -30F Concord like flavor. The hardiest seedless table grape yet released for the northern climates.
Available in 2009

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Swenson Red - Table Grape Vines
Swenson Red
An extremely flavorful and delicious table grape, its an Elmer Swenson release and is sometimes used to make wine. Hardy to -25 this grape has a strawberry-like flavor and is considered to be one of the best tasting table grapes.
Available in 2009

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Valiant - Table Grape Vines
Possibly the hardiest grape available its claimed to be hardy to -50F Highly susceptible to the mildew diseases it requires a good spray program. Makes outstanding juice and jam.
Available in 2009

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Worden - Table Grape Vines
Hardy with good disease resistance. Ripens earlier than Concord (2-3 weeks). Vigorous. Produces blue grapes that are good for use as table grapes or in juices or jams.
Available in 2009

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