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How to Plant Grapevines

Planting Grapevines

1. Soak the vine in water overnight before planting.

2. Dig a hole ideally approaching 24-36 inches deep and wide enough to allow the roots to spread out some.

3. If the soil has a high clay content you may wish to consider adding in a soil amendment such as peat moss in a 1-1 ratio.

4. You may also wish to trim the roots if needed to fit into the hole. DO not excessively trim the root system.

5. Place a small mound of earth in the bottom of the hole and lay the roots out around the mounded earth as shown below.

6. Be certain that the root system is below the top of the hole.

7. You should select a single spur with no more than 3-4 buds coming off of the rooted vine for that years growth.

8. Water well at planting.

9. Water frequently in the first year of growth.

10. Keep weeds down around the vines reducing competition for the establishing vine.

11. We recommend the use of grow tubes and bamboo stakes to allow the vine a protected upward growth pattern.